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    Nobility and harmony

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    Warmth and simplicity

  • Carnac collection

    Elegance and serenity


Atelier IDeco: Artisan handmade concrete jewelry, decorative items, and planters

Between industrial and Scandinavian styles

The artist Ilham Dennouni gives the raw material a rare emotion at the crossroads between the sobriety of the industrial style and the heat of the famous Danish hygge. Its entirely handmade decorative objects bring to the interior design, Scandinavian or Zen the singularity of a unique artistic piece.

Our homemade process

Resulting from a specific research, the concrete formula developed ensures the creations solidity, softness, lightness, plasticity and fidelity of colors. It is the bedrock of the variety of artistic expression, which combines different techniques of pigment inlay. Their association according to the inspiration producing the beautiful homogeneous color or the mottles characteristic of the creations of the Atelier IDeco line.

Designed by the artist Ilham Dennouni

Ilham Dennouni cultivates the love of her adopted Brittany where she practices her art and enjoys sharing her works regularly through exhibitions. You can follow her artistic news on her artist's gallery.