Concrete white soap holder

With its three drainage holes, this handmade concrete soap dish drains liquid excess and keeps a long time soaps.
With its sober and clean design, with its neutral color, it blends easily with any bathroom, kitchen or laundry decor.
Perfectly sized to hold a soap bar near the sink in the bathroom, it can as well suit as drainer for a sponge near the kitchen sink.
Combined with a handmade organic soap, this soap holder makes a great gift for any occasion.

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• Classy and attractive alternative to the usual plastic soap dishes on a shower windowsill or at a sink

• Perfectly shaped to hold up to 4.33'' x 2.75 '' (7 cm x 11 cm) large bar of soap up. Soap bar sits nicely without sliding around.

• Helps your soap last much longer: The holes help the soap dry thoroughly, rather than sit in a pool of water. No messy, squishy, wet, soapy residue anymore. It holds soaps well for ventilation and avoids soap waste. Perfect for expensive soaps you want to keep dry

• Functional and easy to clean soap scum off when needed.

• May also be used to draining a sponge by the kitchen sink

• Handcrafted soap holder which makes a great gift with some nice soaps

• External dimensions: 3.7W x 5.3L x 0.79H '' / 9.5W x 14L x 2H cm

• Color: white

• You can clean up this product with water and soap. Do not scrub in order to prevent surface scratching

• Is it a gift? Send us the little word to be addressed to the lucky one. We will drag him or her into the package
Porte savon blanc

Le savoir-faire reconnu de l’Atelier IDeco et le soin apporté à la fabrication de chaque pièce sont un véritable gage de qualité. Nos produits sont réalisés à l’unité et à la main. Ils diffèrent donc légèrement d’une pièce à l’autre. La taille et la position des bulles d’air, les petites aspérités de surface, la teinte précise sont notamment l’objet de variations caractéristiques d’une production artisanale.