White diamond ring holder

This diamond shaped concrete ring holder is hand poured.

Gently white, this pyramid ring holder is ideal to highlight beautiful rings on a craft show stand. It blends very well with wood stands, concrete display dishes, and ring trees.

At home, this jewelry organizer will help you choose your ring easier and faster than if they were mixed in a jewelry box.

The top angle has been designed so that it holds as well rings for men as rings for women. Whatever the finger size is, the ring will sit between the first third and the half of the diamond height.

Poured with fine sand, the surface of the ring display is very smooth to the touch and holds carefully precious rings without risk of scratching them.

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• 1 concrete diamond shaped ring holder

• Color: White

• base width : 1.1'' (2.8 cm)

• height : 2.2'' (5.5 cm)

• Sold without ring

• Handmade
• You can clean up this product with water and soap. Do not scrub in order to prevent surface scratching

• Is it a gift? Send us the little word to be addressed to the lucky one. We will drag him or her into the package
PB diamant blanc

Le savoir-faire reconnu de l’Atelier IDeco et le soin apporté à la fabrication de chaque pièce sont un véritable gage de qualité. Nos produits sont réalisés à l’unité et à la main. Ils diffèrent donc légèrement d’une pièce à l’autre. La taille et la position des bulles d’air, les petites aspérités de surface, la teinte précise sont notamment l’objet de variations caractéristiques d’une production artisanale.